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CardFlight EMV Migration Tracker – April 2016

The CardFlight EMV Migration Tracker is based on real transactions processed through the CardFlight payment gateway since the October 1 liability shift. All data comes from sample of hundreds of thousands of transactions at thousands of merchants in all 50 states from October 2015 through February 2016.

This data was collected across merchants with and without EMV-approved payment acceptance solutions, so it speaks to the cards being presented by cardholders and is not skewed by whether or not a merchant has upgraded to a true EMV solution. However, the data shown here does enable merchant acquirers and merchants to better understand how exposed they are to EMV-related chargeback liability.

Our analysis relies on data from actual cards in use, the so called “top of the wallet cards”, and not plastics that are issued and never used. By weighting percentages based on transactions run through our gateway, it is representative of the cards in use in the US rather than weighted by all cards issued, a sample that would overweight inactivated or dormant cards.

As one of the first mobile point-of-sale providers who deployed EMV-enabled solutions in the United States, CardFlight has been a leader in bringing EMV payment acceptance solutions to merchants.

The CardFlight EMV Migration Tracker shares our data, insights and best practices regarding EMV migration with the payments industry. We built this as a resource for companies to better understand the migration to EMV chip card technology in the U.S market.

The percent of cards with EMV chips grew by 10% from October 2015 to February 2016

% of cards - merchants


88% of American Express cards have EMV chips, while MasterCard lags at 47%

% of cards , by card brand


California, Florida and Arizona lead the way in EMV issuance

% of cards , by state, feb

The states with the highest share of cards presented with EMV chips are California, Florida and Arizona. The 3 bottom states with the least percent of cards with EMV chips presented at merchants were Utah, Mississippi and Maine.


Kentucky, New Mexico and California are most improved in EMV issuance

% of cards, state improved

While more than 56% of the card presented at merchants have an EMV chip, the trends vary considerably by state. Kentucky, New Mexico and California are the three states with highest growth of EMV chip card issuance since October 2015, while states like Rhode Island, Nevada and Hawaii have been staying flat in issuing EMV chip cards over the past few months.


Some industry verticals see at least 75% of cards presented containing EMV chips

% of cards, by merchant type


The share of CardFlight merchants that are EMV-enabled has grown by over 7x since October

% of CF merchants - enabled


The percent of transactions at CardFlight merchants that were processed as true EMV “chip on chip” transactions has grown by over 12x since October

% of CF merchants - true EMV


Merchant EMV enablement does not impact consumer card choices

% of cards, merchant vs. non- EMV merchants

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Filippa Noghani

Filippa became part of the CardFlight family as our Director of Marketing in the fall of 2015. Originally from the land of the midnight sun, a deep-seated love for all Fintech related marketing led her to leave Sweden for New York, the financial capital of the world. A newly minted Brooklynite, Filippa enjoys sussing out the latest trends, changes and events in payments. The 2 most likely things that she’ll have in her hands at any given time are, our marketing schedule, and her tennis racquet.