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CardFlight Makes Mobile Payments Easy for Peloton Cycle

CardFlight makes mobile payments easy for Peloton Cycle

Getting your sweat on this winter can be challenging, especially when your body is hiding under a big parka! In times like these, fitness-lovers get their fix from Peloton Cycle, whose elegant indoor bike deliver live and on-demand studio cycling classes from the best cycling instructors.

As their popularity surged, Peloton faced a new challenge. Expanding to multiple locations, they needed a flexible way to take in-person credit card payments. Peloton wanted to create a seamless paying experience for their customers, while also preserving their branding. CardFlight provided the tools to help Peloton develop a custom-branded POS system with all the features they needed.

The key to seamlessness is to keep the entire payment system on one platform. Peloton has been using Stripe for online payments, and the optimal method would integrate in-person payments with Stripe as well as their reporting tools and CRM system. CardFlight was perfect for this. With our software development kit and card readers streamlining the process, Peloton had their shiny new mobile POS ready in just a few weeks.

CardFlight makes mobile payments easy for Peloton Cycle

As payment integration was made simple and fast, Peloton’s time was thus freed for them to focus on other things, like branding their mobile register and receipts. CardFlight, fully white-labeled, provided the freedom and flexibility to do so. Peloton’s sales clerks started accepting payments on their Nexus 10 tablets, proudly running Peloton’s own branded mobile app.

“We were really scratching our heads on how to create a Point of Sale device with our current web only payment processor. CardFlight jumped in at the right moment to help us bring a production ready solution in less than a week to our retail locations.”, said Yony Feng, CTO at Peloton.

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CardFlight makes mobile payments easy for Peloton Cycle