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CardFlight EMV Migration Tracker

Why are we publishing the EMV Migration Tracker? While EMV chip card technology has been implemented in Europe for more than a decade, the rollout of EMV in the U.S is just beginning. The most visible milestone in this rollout came earlier this year with the October 1 liability shift. This is an early step […]

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NYC Mobile Payments Meetup to feature Chase Pay (JPMorgan Chase)

  Some people say this is “The Year of Mobile Payments” and others argue this is just the beginning. Mobile payments are growing and the US mobile payments market is predicted to grow to $90 Billion by 2017. For the past few years, CardFlight team members have been organizing and hosting the NYC Mobile Payments […]

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UVA Explores NYC Fintech Scene

This past Friday, the CardFlight team had the pleasure of hosting 13 students from the University of Virginia (UVA) who were participating in HackCville’s annual NYC Startup Trip. HackCville is a student-run non-profit organization that prepares undergraduate students at UVA for careers in startups and entrepreneurship. Each year, their six entrepreneurship education programs serve over […]

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Chip Cards are Coming to the US. See What You Need to Know

The US is migrating to EMV chip cards. So what exactly is EMV and how will it affect your business? In short, EMV chip cards contain microchips which hold information unique to transactions, allow for remote deactivation, and reduce the possibility for duplicated fraudulent transactions. Major card brands have been encouraging merchants to be EMV-compliant, […]

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CardFlight Makes Mobile Payments Easy for Peloton Cycle

Getting your sweat on this winter can be challenging, especially when your body is hiding under a big parka! In times like these, fitness-lovers get their fix from Peloton Cycle, whose elegant indoor bike deliver live and on-demand studio cycling classes from the best cycling instructors. As their popularity surged, Peloton faced a new challenge. Expanding […]

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Mobile Payments Hackathon: A Huge Success!

On Saturday October 19, CardFlight and Stripe threw a full-day Mobile Payments Hackathon at the Alley NYC. The goal of the Hackathon was to encourage the development of mobile payments technology and provide developers with the tools and inspiration they need to build awesome products that improve the payments industry. The event was a huge […]

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CardFlight Helps Power Donations at the Henry Vilas Zoo

Today is an exciting day. It’s the day we helped power a zoo to collect credit card donations, replacing those bulky boxes where people throw unwanted foreign currency, small coins, and lint. CardFlight has been working closely with a team of engineers who built out a donation kiosk for the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, […]

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CardFlight @ FinTechHack

This year’s FinTechHack was a great success. Well over 200 developers got together to develop innovative financial projects using the platforms from some of the leading financial technological partners. They spent 24 hours hacking, and demoed what they had built in front of a crowd of over 300 members of the NYC fintech startup community. CardFlight was […]

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Card Readers are Taking Over the Mobile Payments Market

BI Intelligence examined the specific reasons why card readers will beat out Near-field Communications (NFC). Small businesses are jumping at the opportunity to create a personalized payment experience for consumers by attaching card readers to their mobile devices. Here are our reasons why mobile card readers have the lead in the market: Consumer Behavior: 80% of […]

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