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How Do You Want to Use CardFlight?

According to Gartner, mobile payments are rising by 42% annually. This means that the opportunity to create platforms to allow payment integration is huge. That’s why we entered the business.

CardFlight is one of the leaders in building an open API that allows you to integrate with your own apps. We can power all sorts of solutions like:

  • Event management/ticketing apps that need the ability to sell tickets or process donations at-the-door via cards
  • Transit companies who need the ability to integrate payment processing into their mobile dispatch apps
  • Companies with large field sales teams that want to be able to accept cards but need to be integrated with their CRM apps
  • At-home repair services that need to accept payment and integrate with their appointment management and dispatch tools

CardFlight lets you focus on creating an awesome app without having to worry about the nitty-gritty of payment processing.

How do you want to use CardFlight?

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