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How to Choose a Payment Processor

CardFlight is processor agnostic, meaning we integrate with most major credit card processors.  But, we still want to make sure are able to find the right processor for your business. Here are things to consider when choosing your payment processor:

1. Ease of Setup: It’s important to ask these questions of your payment processor: How long will it take to integrate? How easy is the signup process? Can I customize the solution to suit my needs? Are there mobile capabilities? You want a processor that’s easy to integrate with and which can start processing your payments right away.

2. Stability and Security: Your payment processor needs to be very reliable. If your processor goes down in the middle of a transaction, you could lose a sale.

3. Customer Service: It’s important that your payment processor responds promptly to your inquiries since it’s an integral part of your business. You also want the customer service to come in multiple platforms (phone, email, chat, Twitter) so that you may have instant assistance when you need it.

4. Fees: There can be many hidden fees when getting a payment processor and it’s good to know exactly how much it’s going to cost up front.  Be on the lookout for hidden fees and surcharges, such as rules that can mean most of your payments are at a higher, “non-qualified” rate.

5. Support for your growth: Every company has room for growth and it’s important to choose a payment processor that can support your growth. As transactions increase, you want to make sure that you can still use your payment processor.