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How We’re Different from Other Mobile Credit Card Readers

There are many mobile credit card readers on the market, which help lots of merchants enable credit card payment through their mobile device. The simplicity is great for merchants who need a simple app and card reader. Merchants like food-trucks, flea market vendors and even some smaller businesses benefit greatly from readers like Square, Intuit GoPayment and PayPal Here.

However, what happens when you need more capabilities than just accepting credit card payments? What happens when you want to send customized receipts, track inventory or integrate with your own CRM system? That’s where CardFlight comes in. Not only do we provide you with a credit card reader, but we provide you a flexible software development kit to integrate into your own app.  You can manage your own interface, content and data without worrying about the payment part.

If you need:

  • A mobile card reader API that can integrate within your own app
  •  A secure payment system without a large PCI compliance burden
  •  Easy and quick integration
  • Amazing customer support
  • Customizable features for an easy payment process
  • An API that works with your existing payment processor

Then CardFlight might be the perfect solution for you. Check out our site to learn more at