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Increasing Profits with Mobile POS

Juniper research released that at least $2.3 trillion in revenue will come through mPOS by 2021. Mobile point-of-sale is one of many types of payment technology solutions for accepting card present payments, nevertheless, it is also the payments solution that has been proven to have the most impact on how a business operates. mPOS is a solution that was initially used by small business owners, but today can be found at large retailers, restaurants and other enterprise businesses as well.  The most significant value it brings is an increase in profits for your business.

Here are 4 factors that will play an important role

  • It’s low cost – Using a mobile point of sale system cost way less than a traditional legacy POS.
  • It’s line-busting – How fast your customers can check out will directly affect their purchase behavior and sales.
  • It’s a tool to build customer satisfaction – A seamless shopping experience will not only increase sales but also build loyalty and customer satisfaction, which will make it more likely for your customers to return or refer others to your business or services.
  • It’s mobile – You will have the ability to run your business from anywhere with a mobile point of sale solution.

There are many mobile point-of-sale providers, and they are all different in their own way and suitable for different types of businesses. We have previously shared a list of 6 things to know when picking a mPOS provider that can guide you to better understand mPOS and what you need from a provider.

Full whitepaper on How to Increase Profits with mPOS is available for download here


Filippa Noghani

Filippa became part of the CardFlight family as our Director of Marketing in the fall of 2015. Originally from the land of the midnight sun, a deep-seated love for all Fintech related marketing led her to leave Sweden for New York, the financial capital of the world. A newly minted Brooklynite, Filippa enjoys sussing out the latest trends, changes and events in payments. The 2 most likely things that she’ll have in her hands at any given time are, our marketing schedule, and her tennis racquet.