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Introducing Swift Series – Bluetooth Low Energy Readers with Quick Chip and CDCVM

Swift B200 and B250 - Bluetooth Low Energy Card Readers with Quick Chip and CDCVM

We’re excited to announce a new series of affordable Bluetooth Low Energy card readers, Swift B200 and Swift B250, that will help merchants to accept EMV chip cards via Quick Chip technology, and near field communication (NFC) contactless payments so that merchants can accept digital wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. As more people rely on their mobile devices to manage their daily activities, there has been an increasing demand from users seeking to pay with their mobile devices. We’re one of the first mobile solution providers to announce support for Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method (CDCVM), an innovative security standard.

The Swift B200 will allow merchants to accept EMV chip card and magnetic stripe payments by connecting via Bluetooth Low Energy to a smartphone or a tablet device running CardFlight’s SwipeSimple mobile point-of-sale software or utilizing CardFlight’s Software Development Kit. The Swift B250 card reader similarly supports EMV and magnetic stripe, with the added benefit of allowing merchants to accept NFC contactless payments and digital wallets.

Ever since the EMV liability shift occurred in October 2015, EMV chip card has been the preferred method of payment acceptance due to enhanced security and fraud prevention. However, merchants and customers had to adjust to a longer transaction time when compared to its predecessor, the magnetic stripe.

Quick Chip for EMV
As speed at checkout is paramount for customers, Quick Chip for EMV has been developed to reduce friction at checkout while still providing merchants the same security benefits of EMV. Quick Chip makes paying a with a chip card a whole lot faster by allowing the chip card to skip much of the “chatter” between the reader, application, issuers and online authority, enabling customers to remove their card within a few seconds.

NFC Contactless and CDCVM
CDCVM is a new standard in contactless payments, a type of verification method supported by the card networks for transactions originating from mobile devices. CDCVM transactions have additional layers of security over traditional tap-and-go or other payment types, and take advantage of advanced authentication technology such as Apple’s Touch ID while using card network-assigned payment tokens instead of primary account numbers. When using CDCVM, no additional customer action is required on the payment terminal or paper receipt to verify the customer, such as a signature or PIN.

Both Swift B200 and Swift B250 are built with Quick Chip support, while Swift B250 features NFC payments acceptance with CDCVM. Learn more about the Swift series through our press announcement here. If you have additional questions about the readers, feel free to drop us a line at

Pearlene Loh

Pearlene is a former Marketing Associate at CardFlight.