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Mobile EMV SDK 101

There are two hot topics in payments today, and those are EMV and Mobile Payments. We are experts in both and well trained in helping businesses integrate EMV SDK into their app, and thought it’s time we help others to understand this better.

Some of you might have an app, and you would like to start accepting payments, not only ecommerce, but card present payments. Some of you might have thought about building your own software to make this possible. Either way, we have the answer for you.

Building your own software to accept card present payments can be complicated and is not for everyone.

Did you know for each EMV certification you need to get certified with each individual processor and payment network, among other requirements?

Integrating payment acceptance into mobile apps is a huge opportunity for developers across many industries. However, spending thousands of dollars on hardware and software integrations, payment processor integrations, and managing the complexity of EMV certifications and PCI compliance is larger than you can imagine.

Come join us on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at 2pm ET for a free webinar. We will talk about how you can use a semi- integrated SDK to accept payments, so you as a developer can get to retain full control of your integrated app experience, while using an encrypted EMV certified card reader and SDK/API that enables you to safely and securely accept card present payments in your app on iOS and Android devices.

We are going to cover the following topics

  • What is a semi-integrated SDK and how does it work?
  • How to integrate – Simplest path from point A to B
  • EMV certifications and processor integrations
  • Security & Compliance
  • Use case – How our clients, companies like Peloton, Flywheel and Indochino have been using it.

To sign up for the webinar visit: Webinar: How to use semi-integrated SDK to accept EMV payments

Filippa Noghani

Filippa became part of the CardFlight family as our Director of Marketing in the fall of 2015. Originally from the land of the midnight sun, a deep-seated love for all Fintech related marketing led her to leave Sweden for New York, the financial capital of the world. A newly minted Brooklynite, Filippa enjoys sussing out the latest trends, changes and events in payments. The 2 most likely things that she’ll have in her hands at any given time are, our marketing schedule, and her tennis racquet.