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How mobile payments evolve industries

Direct Selling Companies

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Something we always see in the payments industry, and even in life, is change; change is not easy, but change is inevitable. It is something we should embrace, and the faster we can adjust and accept, the more successful we will be, as individuals and in business.

A great example is the October 1, 2015 EMV Liability Shift coming into effect.  Companies, such as payment solution providers, who waited for their EMV certifications and approvals, and held off on enabling their clients to accept EMV payments have been losing clients and thousands of dollars in revenue.

Businesses, enterprises and small businesses owners, dependent on making payment transactions in exchange for their goods or services, who waited on enabling EMV in their terminals/ point of sale systems found themselves being held liable for counterfeit card fraud and chargebacks.  Some had to take the consequences because their payment solution provider didn’t enable EMV, and others made the choice to wait.

Nevertheless, the moral of the story, we knew the liability shift was happening Oct 1, 2015, so why did we wait and hurt our own business and others who are dependent on our actions?

Our mission here at CardFlight is to bring the latest mobile payments technology and enable businesses to accept secure EMV payments, so they can focus on growing their business, accept payments on the go and have an ease of mind. That’s why we built a SaaS platform that we update and upgrade frequently, making sure we stay complaint, support new processors and offer a secure payments solution.  That’s why we made sure to have our first EMV certification prior to the Oct 1,2015 Liability shift was put in effect.

One of the most interesting customer types we have been serving lately is Direct Selling companies. We learned that we actually bring an ease of mind to their consultants and the direct selling companies themselves, while using our mobile payments SDK (Software Development Kit) and our EMV card readers.  Most of their consultants who host home parties or are out on the field, have to entertain their guests and focus on selling the product at the same time. During checkout, most have historically accepted cash or cash, and some use a laptop to accept credit cards which they enter in manually.

With the technology today, their shoppers, frequently Millennials ranging from 20-33 years of age, are using credit cards and can leave their cash and check books at home, if they even own a check book.

Integrating CardFlight’s SDK in their own app allows the direct selling company to easily keep their own preferred backend provider, get customized reporting, and at the same time allow their consultants to accept payments on the field by just plugging in an EMV card reader in their smartphones or tablets.

Our clients in the direct selling industry saw that they needed to change as their consumers were changing, and that applying mobile payments helped them to close out more parties and increase revenue.

We are sharing some more details on how direct selling companies can benefit from using mobile payments this upcoming Wednesday, June 28, 2016, at 2pm ET.

You can join the conversation by registering here:

Some of the topics we will be covering:

  • Why should direct selling companies enable their consultants to take payments on smartphones and tablets.
  • How accepting credit cards on mobile increases revenue
  • Why your customers expect to pay with credit card
  • Why it’s important for the direct selling company to provide an official payment solution vs. letting consultants get their own
  • Security and Compliance
  • Use cases and partners
    • Fragmob
    • Traveling Vineyard

You can also email us at for a demo, consultation or any questions you might have.

Filippa Noghani

Filippa became part of the CardFlight family as our Director of Marketing in the fall of 2015. Originally from the land of the midnight sun, a deep-seated love for all Fintech related marketing led her to leave Sweden for New York, the financial capital of the world. A newly minted Brooklynite, Filippa enjoys sussing out the latest trends, changes and events in payments. The 2 most likely things that she’ll have in her hands at any given time are, our marketing schedule, and her tennis racquet.