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What You Need to Know About mPOS

The growing demand for mobile payment solutions has been fueled by a number of factors, among these, adapting to changing consumer behaviors and the impacts of the Liability Shift remain as the core drivers. Today, most consumers expect to pay for their purchases from wherever they are in the store. This has created a demand […]

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The Uncommon Way of Using SwipeSimple

As a Customer Operations Associate at CardFlight, I have at times many things to juggle, but I find myself fortunate to have the chance to speak with our resellers of SwipeSimple on a daily basis. While some of the conversations I have with the reseller can be technical, others involve the merchant on the call […]

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How CardFlight and Miura Create the World of mPOS

CardFlight is a mobile point-of-sale solution provider, meaning we have a SaaS (software-as-a- service) platform that allows developers and enterprise companies to accept card-present payments in their own apps via a simple integration. This makes CardFlight the yin to Miura’s yang in the world of mobile POS. CardFlight operates in the U.S market, catering to […]

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Not All Mobile Point of Sale are Created Equal

With over 1.5 billion smartphones and 200 million tablets being sold per year, the explosion of mobile devices has revolutionized numerous industries that serve businesses and consumers. The payments industry is no exception, and 451 Research projects that the number of mobile point of sale solutions deployed will grow 4x from 2015 to 2019, reaching 54 million units in 2019.[…]

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Reflections On the EMV Chip Card Migration, One Year In

A full year has now passed since the U.S. EMV liability shift took effect on October 1, 2015. The shift disrupted the credit card industry, directly influencing merchants’ businesses and the level of fraud liability risk to which they are exposed. Over the past year, a lot has changed and both consumers and merchants are […]

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