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Introducing SDK Version 4 – NFC, EMV, Web API

The first ever release of our CardFlight SDK was on December 6, 2013. In the intervening 41 months we have released 41 updates and today we are proud to introduce our biggest update ever.

We have released the beta for version 4 of our SDK, and it has many exciting new features. First and foremost, it features a completely new transaction flow, unified across every payment type, to make integrations faster, simpler, and more consistent. This means that whether your users are taking NFC payments via a smart device, dipping a chip-enabled credit card, or keying in card information manually, you have a single code path to integrate against, with consistent events and callbacks. Powering this new transaction flow is an all new state machine, designed for robust performance and easy extendibility. Adding the capability to accept payments from within your app has never been easier.

In addition to the new SDK, we know that sometimes there are operations that will always be easier to perform via a web API. So we are also making a public API available for the first time ever today. The initial beta version will allow you to list any charges taken by the SDK, create merchant accounts on First Data Omaha and Vantiv platforms, and create keyed entry charges on First Data Omaha, all back by a new asynchronous interface that is both scalable and fast.

However, this will not be only limited to First Data Omaha and Vantiv. In the upcoming months we will roll out new functionality across all of our supported processors.

We hope that you’ll download and check out the SDK and explore the new API. We’d love to hear from you during this beta period so don’t hesitate to tell us what you think at

You can download the iOS and Android SDK beta and view the documentation for everything that we’ve released today here.

Paul Tower

Paul joined CardFlight in 2013, and has played a key role as our Lead Mobile Engineer ever since. Despite being a techie from Virginia Tech and having a life mantra written in C/C++/Objective-C/all other variations of C, he breaks the developer stereotype by aspiring to be the next celebrity baker, Paul Hollywood, from The Great British Baking Show. Truth be told, his cakes and pastries are definitely just as addictive as the gaming apps that he builds on the side.