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The Uncommon Way of Using SwipeSimple

As a Customer Operations Associate at CardFlight, I have at times many things to juggle, but I find myself fortunate to have the chance to speak with our resellers of SwipeSimple on a daily basis. While some of the conversations I have with the reseller can be technical, others involve the merchant on the call while I answer any questions that could not be previously answered by their reseller.

For instance, this past month, I was speaking with a merchant who is using SwipeSimple as a tool in one of her classes. In other words, this “merchant” is actually a professor at a university and her “employees” are her students. The professor is set up as the admin of the business so she is able to monitor each of the student’s sales. Although, the students are set up as members and are only able to view their individual transactions, they still have access to the reporting features that our online dashboard offers.

Towards the end of our call, the professor mentioned to me that she likes using SwipeSimple to teach her students about how to run a business for two reasons: the reporting tools of the merchant dashboard as well as the member to admin relationship. The members can track their own reporting while being monitored by the admin.

It is a fair assumption to consider the manner that this merchant is using SwipeSimple is a bit of an anomaly, but it is creative nonetheless. A more common use of SwipeSimple would be from an actual business who would like to accept mobile payments as a way to help generate revenue. For instance, SwipeSimple is a great solution for a pizza shop with multiple delivery drivers who would like to accept credit card payments right at the customer’s door, but also retailers, hair salons or home and repair contractors who want to accept payments on the go. Days like this gives you an incredible feeling and it’s reminder that we are offering a product that makes a difference to businesses and their path to maintaining a successful business.


Andrew Schwartz

Andrew joined CardFlight in 2016 as our Customer Operations Associate. Originally from San Antonio Texas, Andrew currently lives in Manhattan. When he is not in the office helping us build the future of mobile payments, he enjoys his time playing lacrosse, running and cooking.