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What is CardFlight? Why did we Start it?

We’re so excited to announce CardFlight, the easiest way to integrate mobile payments into your application.

CardFlight connects mobile developers with payment processors, using a ridiculously simple SDK with included hardware, clear documentation and great support.

Why we started CardFlight:
There are a lot of POS/dongle solutions that are closed platforms targeted at micro-merchants, but they don’t provide an open API for integration within your own app.  While there are a couple people offering easy payment APIs, none of them allow you to process mobile payments that would capture mag stripe data, and thus the costs of payment acceptance are more expensive. With CardFlight, we can reduce your interchange costs by 15+%. (Card-present transactions with “qualified” mag stripe data are usually 30+ bps cheaper to process than key-entered, “non-qualified” purchases).

Why you need us:
Because your app needs an API to allow for physical payments! We’re compatible with hundreds of merchant acquirers, so you can shop around for the best pricing. You, as the developer, retain full control of their integrated app experience but use our reader and API so that you can safely and securely accept payments without having to worry about PCI-compliance requirements.