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Bold B500

Accepts EMV chip cards and magnetic stripe cards

A Simplified Bluetooth Mobile Card Reader For a Better Experience

The Bold B500 is a light weight handheld mobile card reader that links with your smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth, enabling you to accept EMV chip card and magnetic stripe card payments.

Now let us help you find out if this is the right card reader for you.

When Bold B500 is the right fit

  • You are looking for a Bluetooth mobile card reader that is affordable.
  • You want a light but durable handheld device to use on the go.

When you might need a Bluetooth mobile card reader

  • You need Bluetooth connectivity since your phone or tablet does not have an audio jack.
  • You have a thick outer case on your device that restricts audio jack access.
  • You own an Android phone with audio jack compatibility challenges.

The Bold B500 is available to be integrated with your mobile application through our SDK platform, or can be used as part of our end-to-end turnkey solution, SwipeSimple.

Our solutions are customizable and can be branded with your logo, subject to a minimum order size. CardFlight supports all major U.S. processors.

All card data is encrypted using the highest level of TDES data encryption using DUKPT key management, guided by PCI-DSS requirements. CardFlight is a PCI Level 1-compliant service provider.
Bluetooth EMV chip and magnetic stripe mobile card reader

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