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Powering Payments for Direct Selling Companies

Mobile payment solution that adds benefits to the bottom line

Higher revenue and customer satisfaction

by letting customers quickly and easily pay with credit card

Improved distributor effectiveness

by offering a more efficient and integrated checkout process that reduces duplicate data entry and can be integrated with your backend systems

Reduced costs of payment acceptance

due to improved interchange rates and lower chargeback

Managed PCI compliance

CardFlight is a PCI Level 1 compliant service provider

The Direct Selling Business Model

Direct selling companies are known for creating an innovative and entertaining shopping experience across numerous product categories. For many years, sales were made via cash or check. Increasingly, millennial customers are demanding to pay with their credit cards. The few direct selling companies that have accepted credit cards for face-to-face sales use insecure pen-and-paper methods to collect credit card details or require distributors to key-enter transactions on a laptop. These methods risk noncompliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards, have inefficient processes, and higher credit card processing fees.

Companies looking to keep up with the change and shift in market use CardFlight to accept card payments in the most effective manner. Integrating CardFlight’s payment acceptance technologies allows them to deploy custom mobile solutions to their distributor base and streamline transaction experience for both buyers and sellers.

Grow Your Direct Selling Business with Mobile POS | CardFlight

Benefits of deploying the CardFlight SDK

CardFlight brings you a platform that enables you to deploy a customized mobile point of sale solution to your distributors. CardFlight can be integrated with your own proprietary mobile apps or those offered by your back-end technology platforms. CardFlight supplies you with mobile card reader hardware, connectivity to major payment processors, and a software development kit for a smooth integration. Hardware and software can be customized and branded to meet your business needs.

What you should know

  • CardFlight has PCI Level 1 compliant payment gateway that supports major merchant accounts. In most cases, you can keep your current payment provider.
  • CardFlight is EMV-enabled, allowing you to accept chip cards.
  • We offer a broad range of card readers – pick what suits your business model
  • Add-ons
    • Advanced analytics & reporting tools are available for you to keep track of your business success.

CardFlight + Traveling Vineyard 

Traveling Vineyard, a direct seller of wines through in-home wine tasting events developed a proprietary iOS application to help their Wine Guides plan and organize tastings. When they were looking for a way to enable their distributors to accept payments from mobile devices, they integrated CardFlight SDK into their app, which allows distributors to quickly and easily accept credit card payments. The solution is fully integrated with their current back-end provider for analytics and reporting. Using CardFlight’s encrypted mobile card readers and leveraging CardFlight’s gateway, Wine Guides now accept both magnetic stripe and EMV chip card payments on the go by simply attaching the card reader to their mobile devices. The solution makes it fast and easy to complete a sale, reduces order abandonment and reduces credit card processing costs. This benefits Traveling Vineyard, their consultants and their customers, who can now pay with credit card and not be burdened with carrying cash and checks.

Direct Selling Supplier | CardFLight


Traveling Vineyard utilizes CardFlight to accept payments

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