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Card Present Payments Processing for Nonprofits

Maximize donations at your fundraisers

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How Nonprofit Organizations Can Use CardFlight

CardFlight offers the ability for software companies serving the nonprofit industry to accept credit card payments in the field and raise funds utilizing their own native mobile application (connecting through our SDK solution) or by using our turnkey mobile POS product, SwipeSimple.

How CardFlight works

We offer a seamless and developer friendly API and SDK payments integration for smartphones and tablets, with several card reader options, while supporting major merchant accounts and payment processors.

  • Secure, point-to-point encryption throughout the transaction lifecycle
  • Card present payment acceptance limits fraud and chargebacks
  • Protected cardholder data
  • Real- time payments acceptance
  • Offline mode payment acceptance – allowing transactions in remote areas with limited network connectivity
  • EMV-compliant certified chip card solutions
  • White labelling options for card reader hardware
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Easy and quick customer buying experience

Non-for-profit companies that can take advantage of a mobile point-of-sale solution

  • Charitable organizations
  • Religious groups
  • Cause related companies
  • Special interest groups
  • Political organizations