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EMV Migration Tracker

July 2016

EMV Migration Tracker – July’16

The CardFlight EMV Migration Tracker assesses the impact of EMV chip card migration within the payments industry and serves as a resource for other companies to understand how it will change their own businesses and the market overall.

The data presented comes from a sample of hundreds of thousands of transactions processed through the CardFlight payment gateway since the liability shift. These transactions occurred at thousands of merchants in all 50 states from October 2015 to June 2016.

All merchants, including those without EMV solutions, have been included in the data to better represent the cards being presented regardless of the merchants’ choice to upgrade to an EMV solution. The data demonstrates to merchants and merchant acquirers how exposed they are to EMV-related chargeback liability. The analysis of actual transactions run through our gateway, and the weighting of percentages based on that, allows this analysis to exclude inactivated or dormant cards and be more representative of cards that are actually in use.

Here are some samples of the new statistics about the rollout of EMV chip card technology in the United States based on real data captured from the CardFlight gateway:

  • Over 70% of cards being used now contain EMV chips.
  • American Express leads the way in rolling out EMV chip cards, with 94% of American Express transactions coming from cards containing chips.
  • Over 64% of CardFlight merchants are now EMV-enabled, more than 3x the national average.
  • 78% of high average ticket CardFlight merchants ($200+ per transaction) are EMV-enabled, while only 48% of merchants with average ticket sizes below $10 have upgraded.

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