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Accept EMV Payments

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EMV Mobile Solution

CardFlight’s EMV Software Development Kit is one of the first and only semi-integrated payment solutions for powering EMV chip card payment acceptance on iOS and Android mobile devices. Our EMV SDK enables companies to save 6-12 months of development time by not needing to do their own “level 3” EMV certifications.

Certification and Security – We are a pre-certified solution for EMV chip card payments, and employ point-to-point encryption so that clients can eliminate any PCI compliance scope in their application.

Time and Budget – This dramatically reduces the time-to-market for new developers and also reduces the amount of ongoing security and compliance investment.

Multi-Processor Gateway – CardFlight was one of the first providers to receive EMV certification, offering a fully certified solution in the marketplace prior to the October 1, 2015 liability shift. We have received multiple EMV processor certifications, giving our customers a choice in which merchant processor they want to use.


EMV is different and EMV certification is complicated

Getting certified to process EMV chip card transactions requires a lot of time and expenses. In addition, merchants should note that adding or changing anything about the primary transaction path will require a new certification or recertification.

EMV integration

Get to market faster with CardFlight


EMV readers

Card Readers

We provide the hardware.
Encrypted EMV card reader reduces interchange fees, reduces fraud and speeds data entry.
Work with virtually any iOS and Android devices.

SDK sample code

Developers Tools

You add a few lines of code.
Easily integrate CardFlight’s SDK into your app and user experience – no need to use a separate payment app.
Avoid complexities of integrating into legacy payments infrastructure.

CardFlight Gateway

CardFlight Gateway

We safely and securely route the transaction to your acquirer.
Shop around for the best processing rates and terms – we are agnostic.