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SwipeSimple Customers

The easiest way to save customer data and cards on file, enabling faster checkouts and scheduled payments for your repeat customers.

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Save customer information and cards on file

Store customer information, including address, purchase history, and cards on file for improved service, efficient repeat order processing, and additional benefits.

Subscriptions, installments, and scheduled payments

Offer customers to pay any time using their stored cards, schedule payments for a future date, split their payment into installments, or start a subscription to pay for repeat items and services.

Access the reports you need to grow your business

Use data to improve your business with reports on future scheduled payments and top customers’ information, in addition to all your other SwipeSimple reports.

Customer database with cards on file
Create and maintain a customer database with an option to store credit card details on file

Charge your customers any time
Use customers’ stored cards to run transactions any time, whether or not they are present

Better insight with more reports

Review top customers, future scheduled payments, and view purchase history by customer

Set up subscription payments

With SwipeSimple Customers you can set up subscriptions to charge customers for ongoing services

Split payments into installments
Offer your customers the possibility to split their payments into as many installments as they need to pay for large items

Schedule payments for a future date

Set up one time credit card payments to process at a future date with payment scheduling

The right tools for any payment acceptance needs

With SwipeSimple Customers merchants can offer their customers better service and more flexible card payment options. This is in addition to other payment acceptance options available with SwipeSimple.

Available to all SwipeSimple users, directly from their web dashboard

SwipeSimple Customers is included with every SwipeSimple account to allow all users to benefit from a customer database, stored cards on file, installment payments, and more. Merchants can use these features anytime from their web dashboard.

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