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SwipeSimple Register

Offer a simple countertop POS that provides a payment terminal + cash register solution for the modern merchant’s needs

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SwipeSimple Register

Our simple countertop point-of-sale solution lets merchant service providers, independent sales organizations, and financial institutions offer merchants a single, user friendly solution to meet their cash register and payment terminal needs and more.

SwipeSimple Register is a bring-your-own-device solution which is made for small countertop retail and restaurant environments. It includes all the features available to SwipeSimple Basic users with additional premium capabilities:

  • Favorites pages for increased efficiency during checkout
  • Discounts for specific items or the entire transaction
  • Item categories for easy inventory tracking and reporting

SwipeSimple Register is compatible with any SwipeSimple card reader and works well with almost all tablets. SwipeSimple Register can be a great fit for mobile merchants looking to issue printed paper receipts with a portable Bluetooth receipt printer while selling on-the-go.

You can offer two hardware setups

In addition to the great features of the SwipeSimple software and EMV Quick Chip card readers, you can provide your merchants with two different hardware setups, depending on their needs:

SwipeSimple Register

Cash drawer and receipt printer – mPOP

For countertop or in-store merchants who want an integrated cash register with payment acceptance, plus many additional features. Recommended when bundled with a Swift B250 card reader and charging stand, but compatible with any SwipeSimple card reader.

SwipeSimple Register

Portable receipt printer – SM-L200

For merchants selling on the go who want to offer printed paper receipts. The Bluetooth receipt printer is compatible with any SwipeSimple card reader and almost all iOS or Android mobile devices. The thermal printer doesn’t require ink/toner cartridges.

Great fit for merchants

SwipeSimple Register is a great fit for many types of small businesses:

General retail and specialty stores
  • Fashion boutiques
  • Homeware and gift stores
  • Professional services
  • Sporting goods stores
  • And more

Food and beverage service businesses
  • Food trucks
  • Coffee shops
  • Ice cream parlors
  • Small fast food and quick service
  • And more

Salons and spas
  • Beauty and barber shops
  • Health and beauty spas
  • Nail salons
  • Massage parlors
  • And more