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October 09, 2018

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CardFlight Announces SwipeSimple Customers, a Simple and Secure Way for Merchants to Save Customer Data and Cards on File

October 9th, 2018 – New York, New York – CardFlight, the leading mobile POS and SaaS payment technology company, announced today the release of SwipeSimple Customers, a new feature set of SwipeSimple, the best-in-class payment acceptance solution for small businesses.

SwipeSimple Customers is available to SwipeSimple users directly from their mobile app and web dashboard. Among the new features that enable merchants to manage their business better are:

  • Customer records with cards on file – merchants will be able to create and maintain a customer database with an option to store credit card details on file.
  • Charge customers using their stored card on file – merchants will be able to use their customers’ stored cards to easily run transactions any time, whether or not their customers are present.
  • Payment scheduling – merchants will be able to set up card on file credit card payments to process at a future time.
  • Installment payments – merchants will have the ability to split payments into as many installments as they need to pay for large ticket items.
  • Subscriptions – merchants will be able to set up subscriptions with scheduled periodic payments for ongoing services.
  • Access to additional reports – merchants will be able to provide better service and benefit from business insight by reviewing their top customers and future scheduled payments, and to see purchase history by customer.

The launch of SwipeSimple Customers is the latest release in a series of major new feature releases that CardFlight has announced during 2018 to serve the more than 45,000 merchants who use SwipeSimple. This release follows immediately after the recent release of SwipeSimple Version 5.0, which includes new capabilities such as the ability to pair cash drawers and receipt printers, SwipeSimple Virtual Terminal with full Address Verification Service support, robust discount options, and more.

“SwipeSimple Customers enables the merchants who use SwipeSimple to accept more types of credit card payments and offer better service to their customers,” said Derek Webster, Founder and CEO of CardFlight.  “Alongside our other releases this year, this reflects our team’s commitment to provide the right payment acceptance tools for an even broader range of merchants.”

John Shipley, SVP, Operations at Clearent, added:

“We partnered with CardFlight three years ago to offer their mobile point of sale to our merchants, and in the time since, we have seen the many updates and feature additions that they made to SwipeSimple. We are happy to see SwipeSimple Customers launch as a way for us to offer even more value to existing users. It’s part of why we love having CardFlight as a partner – they always deliver a winning product that just works.”

To get a personalized demo of SwipeSimple Customers, contact us today.

About CardFlight: CardFlight is the leader in payment technology and mobile point-of-sale solutions for merchant service providers, banks, and independent sales organizations. CardFlight’s customers include 10 of the top 30 merchant acquirers in the US. CardFlight’s SwipeSimple payment acceptance technology provides easy-to-use SaaS solutions for tens of thousands of merchants across all 50 states. CardFlight was recently recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in America, and the 5th fastest growing company in the Financial Services sector. 

CardFlight takes pride in building and maintaining solutions that are a step ahead of the curve in technology, reliability, and user experience. As the US leader in EMV Quick Chip enablement, CardFlight makes it easy, accessible, and secure for partners and merchants to accept payments. Learn more here.

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