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March 22, 2018

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CardFlight Announces that Over 80% of SwipeSimple Merchants Have Been Upgraded to EMV Quick Chip Payment Acceptance

NEW YORK, March 22, 2018CardFlight, the leading mobile POS and SaaS payment technology company, announced the completion of an upgrade that improves the transaction processing times for many of its merchants. The company has implemented EMV Quick Chip technology across multiple card reader types, including an over-the-air upgrade to tens of thousands of SwipeSimple Eclipse A200 EMV card readers that have been in use by merchants nationwide since 2015.

CardFlight leads the way in EMV card acceptance in the U.S. The Eclipse A200 card reader now with EMV Quick Chip technology

Quick Chip technology enables EMV transaction authorization in one step, instead of two, and lets customers dip and remove their card while products are still being scanned and added. This allows for payments that are as fast as magnetic stripe swipes, but with the counterfeit fraud protection of EMV technology. Quick Chip helps merchants to speed up the checkout process for card present payments and improve customer satisfaction.

In May 2017, CardFlight announced the Swift B200 and Swift B250, a new series of mobile cards readers utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to enable merchants nationwide to accept secure EMV and NFC contactless payments on Android and iOS devices. The Swift series readers were certified with leading payment processors last year and have been enabled for Quick Chip since launch.

CardFlight Leads the Way in EMV Quick Chip Acceptance
CardFlight announced today that tens of thousands of existing merchants who utilize the Eclipse A200 card readers have been automatically upgraded to process transactions with Quick Chip.

Today’s announcement is another example of CardFlight’s long-running commitment to support merchants and acquirers with leading payment technologies. CardFlight was one of the first mobile payments providers to deploy EMV chip card solutions in the United States, receiving their first approvals prior to the October 1, 2015 EMV Liability Shift. Over 93% of CardFlight’s merchants are enabled for EMV today, and 84% now benefit from the faster transaction times of Quick Chip technology. CardFlight has established itself as a leader, as Visa recently revealed that 59% of Visa-accepting merchants in the U.S. are enabled for EMV.

“With our dedicated in-house engineering team, CardFlight is able to invest in continually improving products like SwipeSimple,” said Peter Wagener, VP of Engineering at CardFlight. “Our Software as a Service delivery model enables us to improve the transaction experience for tens of thousands of merchants, with no additional investment required by merchant acquirers or end merchants.”

CardFlight’s partners have shown their appreciation, as well. “EMV Quick Chip improves the checkout experience for merchants and cardholders, with a smoother transaction that still has all the security benefits of EMV chip card acceptance,” said Alex Boeding, Product Manager at Vantiv, Now Worldpay. “We’re excited that all new and existing Vantiv, Now Worldpay merchants that use SwipeSimple will benefit from this upgrade.”

CardFlight continues to deliver leading technology for merchant acquirers to offer to a wide variety of small and medium merchants with its flagship SwipeSimple Product Suite. With best-in-class solutions for mobile payment acceptance, analytics and reporting, EMV-enabled card readers, and more, SwipeSimple products serve merchants’ varied needs for business growth and optimization.

About CardFlight
CardFlight is the leader in payment technology and mobile point-of-sale solutions for merchant service providers, banks, and independent sales organizations, including 15 of the top 50 merchant acquirers in the US. CardFlight’s SwipeSimple product suite provides easy-to-use SasS solutions for tens of thousands of merchants across all 50 states.

CardFlight takes pride in building and maintaining solutions that are a step ahead of the curve in technology, reliability, and user experience. As the US leader in EMV Quick Chip enablement, CardFlight makes it easy, accessible, and secure for partners and merchants to accept payments.

Read official press release here.

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