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August 16, 2016

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DevNetwork interviews CardFlight’s API

What services do you currently enable developers to build on via your API’s?

CardFlight provides developer tools, mobile card readers, and a payment gateway so that developers can embed card present (swiped or chip card) payment acceptance into their own iOS and Android apps.

What are some of the most interesting/innovative applications that developers have built on top of your API?

We have numerous customers who built their own point of sale systems for their retail locations.

How do API’s factor into your company’s long-term growth strategy? Do you see your company becoming an “open-platform” of integrations?

Our goal is to make sure that everything we add to our core platform is also available as an API for developers who want to integrate or customize.  Every time we roll out a new card reader or a new payment processor, we incorporate it into our software development kits as part of the initial launch.

Are the growth of open API standards important to your industry?

Absolutely!  Historically, merchants used a relatively basic payment terminal to accept credit card payments, and this was completely separate from all the other software a merchant used to run their business.  Now, we can use low-cost iOS and Android devices to accept payments and the software that takes the payment is also integrated with other back-office software the merchant uses.

What are some ideas for apps or integrations that developers or startups could build on your API?

We’ve had customers build solutions to power event ticketing solutions for event organizers, fundraising software for nonprofits, auction software for the live art auctions, and numerous flavors of custom point-of-sale systems.

Do developers “mash-up” your API with other 3rd party API services? What are some interesting mashup examples?

The power of CardFlight is that integrators can embed payment functionality into their own applications without the typical complexity and compliance burden of most payment integrations.  The same apps that use CardFlight’s APIs can also be integrated with your CRM, ERP, inventory management, employee tracking, order fulfillment, and other back-office systems.

What has your team learned about building scalable, accessible API’s? What advice can you give to other teams building their own API?

We help people move millions of dollars of money, which means our platform needs to be safe, secure, reliable and compliant.  We invest heavily in that, and do a lot of testing before making any changes in production.

This article first appeared on DevNetwork. Read it here.

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