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July 27, 2016

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EMV Adoption Lagging in Some States

Credit unions and other card issuers in three states have flocked to EMV chips for member cards in recent months, but other states are less apt to use the technology, according new research from N.Y.-based mobile-payments software company CardFlight.

Sampling hundreds of thousands of transactions processed through the company’s system in all 50 states since the Oct. 1, 2015, EMV liability shift and through June 2016, CardFlight found California, New York and Massachusetts are now the most likely places merchants will encounter customers with EMV cards.

In those states, at least 76% of the cards presented to merchants in June had EMV chips, the study said. California took the top slot at 80%; New York and Massachusetts followed at 79% and 76%, respectively.

Card users in Oklahoma, Maine and Mississippi were much less likely to use chip cards, though. The study found customers presented chip cards in those states only 44%, 39% and 34% of the time, respectively.

Delaware, Idaho and Indiana were the most improved states in the study — the proportion of chip cards presented to merchants there has jumped 25%, 23% and 21%, respectively, since February, CardFlight reported. Growth was most stagnant in Hawaii, Louisiana and Oklahoma; those states reported growth of 6% or less over that time.

This article first appeared on Credit Union Times. Read it here.

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