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The iPhone 7 and its impact on mobile POS

Earlier today, Apple announced the iPhone 7. While dedicated Apple fans may be excited to have their choice between two different shades of black, the biggest news for merchant service providers and others who offer mobile POS technology is that the upcoming iPhone won’t contain an audio jack.

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What I learned as an intern at a start-up in NYC

Movies tell us college is wild, class is unimportant, and when we graduate our entire friend group will be going off to an Ivy League grad school or a job on Wall Street. Like it’s just that simple.

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[meetup] Virtual Credit Cards with Bo Jiang ( CEO at

The third Mobile Payments NYC meetup of the year will feature Bo Jiang, CEO of We’ll discuss the evolution of their product, the opportunities and challenges of building personal financial management solutions for consumers, and discuss’s outlook for 2016 and beyond. generates virtual card numbers that protect your security and privacy when […]

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How mobile payments evolve industries

Direct Selling Companies Something we always see in the payments industry, and even in life, is change; change is not easy, but change is inevitable. It is something we should embrace, and the faster we can adjust and accept, the more successful we will be, as individuals and in business. A great example is the […]

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Mobile EMV SDK 101

There are two hot topics in payments today, and those are EMV and Mobile Payments. We are experts in both, and thought it’s time we help others to understand this better. Some of you might have an app, and you would like to start accepting payments, not only ecommerce, but card present payments. Some of […]

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